More on Private Sessions

As noted here, private session work with a Diamond Approach teacher is core to working this path. You can bring any material to this setting: your personal history (early life), all aspects of your present life, your meditation practice, spiritual experiences, etc. Whatever you bring in is the starting point for deepening inquiry into the now, the unique confluence of time and space that is a portal for opening and development.

Stranded between time

Gone and time emerging,

We manage seldom

To be where we are.

                          John O'Donahue

Sessions involve talk, but are meant to engage head, heart, and body so that the process is deeply experiential. Insight is valuable, but embodied understanding and the experience of essence are transformative. With this intention, sessions include Ridhwan Diasomatic Work, a unique form of breath and movement work done on a mat that brings awareness to inner structures and body blockages and opens the sense of the body as a portal to essence and nondual experience.

Diamond Approach sessions also teach you an effective methodology to disengage from the inner critic, that self-limiting voice that works against growth and change. A teacher helps you to recognize the critic's origin and impact, and to effectively and energetically free yourself from its harsh commentary.

Sessions are 50-60 minutes and are generally scheduled either every other week or monthly so that there is a sustained process of inner work.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your

one wild and precious life?            Mary Oliver

The teacher saves you time, energy, and effort; but the teacher can't do it for you.

A.H. Almaas,

founder of the Diamond Approach 

As a Diamond Approach teacher, I have done my own personal work on this path for nearly twenty-five years, and learned what it is to be truly present with another and his or her process, whether painful or joyous or anything else. I am deeply committed to my students, profoundly appreciative of their depth and sincerity, and honored to witness their growth. I completed a rigorous eight-year Seminary Training Program (with ongoing advanced training) to become an effective guide, and would be happy to discuss with you this work and whether it might be right for you. You can contact me, and/or schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss the Diamond Approach, here.

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