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About Anne F. Hoff

I have been involved in mind-body-spirit explorations since the early 1980s and with the Diamond Approach since 1995. I was born in the Midwest, but then spent fifteen years in Japan and ten in Hawaii before moving to Seattle in 2005. I worked in a corporate setting for nearly a decade before becoming self-employed. From this background I developed an appreciation for the diversity of human expression – the uniqueness we each bring forth in our lives – as well as our underlying oneness.


I found the Diamond Approach in 1995 and quickly recognized it as my path, and as a living teaching – meaning it has a force or current that you enter when you join the path. My love for the work led me to enter the school's eight-year seminary training, which led to my ordination as a teacher of the Diamond Approach in 2015.


I currently work with individual students in-person and online. My home teaching region is the Cascadia region of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, where I periodically offer public teachings and also co-lead an ongoing process group for Cascadia 4. I also have a teaching presence in the Midwest and in Hawai'i through newly forming groups – Great Lakes Diamond Approach 2 and Hawai'i Diamond Approach 4. I occasionally write about topics related to the Diamond Approach on Facebook here, Instagram here, and Twitter here.

Besides my work as a teacher of the Diamond Approach, I have private practices in bodywork and psychotherapy and continue to be fascinated with all the ways we can engage body-mind-spirit. 

Contact form for questions about the Diamond Approach and to register for events

Use this form to register for events, or to ask questions about Diamond Approach groups, events, and private sessions. Your information is always kept confidential. 

Success! Message received. I'll be in touch as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours.

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Or book a time to talk either in person or by Zoom videoconferencing

I offer a complimentary consultation of 45-60 minutes. This is a time for open-ended exploration where you can learn more about this work and what it is to engage the Diamond Approach path.


This can be done via Zoom videoconferencing or in person in Seattle if you are vaccinated.

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