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About Anne F. Hoff

I have been involved in mind-body-consciousness explorations since the early 1980s while also having an engaged life. I've lived  in a variety of places – the Midwest, Japan, Hawaii, and Seattle – and worked both in a corporate setting and as a self-employed follow-my-heart entrepreneur. From this background I have developed an appreciation for the diversity of human expression and the uniqueness we each bring forth in our lives, as well as our oneness.

I found the Diamond Approach when I moved to Maui in 1995 and quickly recognized it as my path, ending years of 'seeking' and sampling other teachings. I moved to Seattle in 2005 and entered the eight-year seminary training to be a Diamond Approach teacher not long after. In my work as a Diamond Approach teacher I see students in Seattle, Portland, Tokyo, and online, and offer classes and other events in the Pacific Northwest and Japan. I write about topics related to the Diamond Approach on Facebook here, Instagram here, and Twitter here.

Besides working as a Diamond Approach teacher, I have a bodywork practice and am particularly interested in mind-body-spirit and embodied spiritual practice. I am certified to teach the Diamond Body (formerly Five Movements) practice developed by Diamond Approach teacher Linda Krier, and am part of a small cohort that mentors with her on body and being.

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This can be done during the pandemic via Zoom videoconferencing. After the pandemic, in-person options will resume.