Articles and Resources

I'd like to share here some articles and resources about the Diamond Approach 


Cascadia region

The Cascadia region of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia is my home region as a Diamond Approach teacher. I live in Seattle, work with students in Seattle and Portland, and have offered events throughout the region. I'm often asked about Diamond Approach groups in the region, so here's some history, information, and a link to our regional website.

There are five Diamond Approach groups in the Cascadia region, that have formed at different points over the past 30 years. There is currently not an open group, but we hold various events, and students can work with private teachers, and these are the activities that will "seed" another group forming at some point in the future. If you sign up for my mailing list on my contact page, or through the regional website, you'll be in the loop to know about all events and any future groups. If you are waiting for a group to join, it would be good to know of your interest. 

Articles on the Body
as a Portal of Transformation

The Diamond Approach is an embodied path: we want our bodies open, honed, and aware as instruments of sensing, and we want our bodies to transform in relation to our inner work so that our true nature is expressed through the flesh.

I've worked for decades with mind-body-spirit, through the Diamond Approach, my career as a bodyworker, and studies in psychology. If this topic interests you, the buttons below lead to some articles I wrote for a bodywork journal that touch on body-mind-spirit.

Diamond Approach in Japan

I lived in Japan from 1979-1994 and maintain a close heart connection to that culture. I offered two introductory Diamond Approach workshops in Tokyo in 2019. If you have friends there who would like to explore private sessions or know about future workshops, the button below takes you to a website with more information. 

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