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Structures of the Diamond Approach

Walking through a red canyon

The teacher saves you time, energy, and effort; but the teacher can't do it for you.

A.H. Almaas,

founder of the

Diamond Approach 

Large and Small Group Work
Private Session Work

Many people have experienced expanded states of consciousness. Yet experience remains simply experience – rather than realization and transformation – when it is not understood and integrated. A primary element of the Diamond Approach is private session work (spiritual insight sessions) done one-on-one with a teacher. In these sessions, the teacher facilitates the student's inquiry and contact with true nature as presence, essential aspects, boundless (nondual) dimensions, etc. The teacher helps the student to not only recognize presence, but to explore in a way that brings understanding, metabolization, integration, and maturation. Private sessions are also an important place to learn and practice the work of defending against the toxic messages of the inner critic.


Private session work can be done with or without participating in a Diamond Approach group. More details about sessions – in person in Seattle, Portland, or Tokyo, or online by Zoom videoconferencing – can be found here.

While private sessions are the primary container for deep personal work, the broader understanding of the Diamond Approach logos comes from also participating in a group. These groups form either regionally or nationally as a vessel for the teaching and support for the potent inner work that can be done in a teaching field. A group will be open to new members for a certain period, then it will close so that the process can deepen. This community of fellow travelers can be likened to a beehive, each supporting the others in our work of gathering the honey and nectar of essence. 


Teachings are given at intervals throughout the year in the group as a whole, and smaller subgroups meet with a teacher in between those retreats as a support for students' ongoing inquiry.


You can find a Diamond Approach group here. Information for the Cascadia region of the U.S. Pacific Northwest and western Canada is here

Bees returning to their hives

This spreading radiance of a True Human Being has great importance. Look carefully around you and recognize the luminosity of souls. Sit beside those who draw you to that.


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