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Two Events for Spring 2022

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Free Online Intro Event
Wednesday March 16, 6:30-9:00 pm PST

Many spiritual traditions talk about being in the here and now. Here is a location, and now is a time, so in being in the here and now we each are locating ourselves in our experience in the moment. This is crucial for our work, as nothing can happen unless we are present, right here, right now, in our own unique experience. 

In the Diamond Approach we locate ourselves through inquiry, which is our primary practice. Students learn how exploring the moment, whether spiritual or mundane, ultimately leads us to our depth. In this intro event, we'll introduce inquiry as an invaluable practice to help us ride the waves of our lives, inner and outer. I think we've all experienced some waves given our current environment, so let's use inquiry as a practice to navigate toward the safe harbor of our inner nature.

Led by Anne Hoff, Teacher of the Diamond Approach. 


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6-Session Inquiry Class
Wednesday evenings 6:30-9:00 pm PST
March 30, April 13 & 27; May 11 & 25, and June 8

A. H. Almaas, founder of the Diamond Approach, wrote:

Inquiry is a means of inviting our true nature – which has much greater intelligence and awareness than our conscious mind will ever have – to reveal itself and guide us to a deeper understanding of reality . . . Inquiry invites whatever is here to show itself and reveal its truth. And each revelation, if allowed and held with respect and interest, will lead to understanding and revelation – and the further unfoldment of the soul.


As inquiry is our primary practice in the Diamond Approach, we spend considerable time learning and refining our understanding of the practice. We can approach inquiry from many different angles, and each adds to our understanding and capacity to effectively inquire in a way that opens our experience and takes us further into true nature. This class will explore inquiry through the lens of the key principles of the Diamond Approach. It is suitable for those new to and curious about the Diamond Approach, as well as current students of the path. 

Led by Anne Hoff, teacher of the Diamond Approach

$100 - $150 sliding scale (ask about a further discount if needed)

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